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Former navy recruit denied ptsd treatment by veterans affairs department as the government refuses to pay them

Former navy recruit denied ptsd treatment by veterans affairs department as the government refuses to pay them

A Navy recruit’s treatment by a veterans’ affairs departm바카라ent could be considered « abuse », according to his lawyer.

Peter Wright was one of nine former members of the Royal Australian Navy who were subjected to physical and mental abuse by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VVA) in 2012-2013, as part of a government-funded investigation into sexual violence in the Australian armed forces.

It appears that the department has refused to pay the $3 million in legal costs that the defence barrister claims he and his client must shoulder over their treatment at the hands of the federal government.

But he is adamant they will not be treated in the same wagospelhitzy as other victims.

« I think what the VVA (the state government’s internal watchdog) did in those cases is go to court and ask for redress – and that’s what they’ve done – because it’s outrageous, » he told on Wednesday.

Wright said the government’s position was that while it would not « accept » that his client had been physically or mentally harmed, the Department of Veterans Affairs had made it clear that it would not compensate or seek any compensation for his treatment.

« A lot of these allegations were covered by the media becaugospelhitzse it’s not like they’re going to turn around and say, ‘Oh, there was no harm’ and it’s just another incident, » he said.

The defence barrister’s statement comes after the Government rejected earlier offers by his client to pay $30,000 to avoid further exposure of his abuse.

Court fines forest activist, but not accused of any crime

Court fines forest activist, but not accused of any crime

Photo Credit: AFP

The Federal Reserve is considering using the same criminal methods used against environmental activists such as the activist group Greenpeace to investigate them, US government officials said on Wednesday.

Under current rules, the US Justice Department can make a financial determination against someone for violating environmental rules with fines of up to $25,000 per violation.


US Attorney General Eric Holder said in an interview with the New York Times that he expected to begin charging environmental activists with crimes soon, possibly in the coming months.

« I am looking at these things seriously, and I have been talking about them for some time, » Holder said in the interview. « And this is the first time since the end of the Cold War, so I have been talking to them about it. »

It was not immediately clear whether Holder was referring to an announcement on Wednesday that Treasury Secretary Jack Lew would ask Congress to authorize the US to hold companies and individuals responsible for environmental transgressions.

« I think our view is the US could make a financial determination to prosecute environmental violations to punish companies and individuals who commit violations against environmental rules, » Holder said. « And we want to take the precautionary approach to that. »

Environmental groups said they expected Holder to issue a statement shortly indicating the government’s thinking.

« I’m sure the [US] attorney general will make that announcement, » said Michael Brune, a legal fellow at Greenpeace USA. « I don’t know for what. We haven’t been given a concrete letter [to that effect]. »

Reuters reported last week that the government h바카라사이트ad더킹카지노 begun to charge several protesters with federal crimes for participating in a protest last December that drew tens of thousands to the nation’s capital, and charged several others with conspiracy to engage in criminal activity while under investigation.

Activists such as the Sierra Club바카라 and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) have protested for more than a decade that the United States has failed to effectively manage the impact of the destruction of the forest, and that US President Barack Obama should use the criminal laws that were created under the landmark 1969 Clean Air Act to help forest-protection measures in the United States.